Monday, 22 April 2013

Bippety Boppety Boo

Soooo, today I would like to share with you an added extra to the order I got for In The Pink.
The bride emailed me two weeks before the wedding to ask if I could do some extra, as she now had another bridesmaid, who is about two years old.  We had discussed this possibility, but I did expect a bit more notice.  Anyway, as she is my friend, I said yes.
She had already decided that rather than flowers, if this little girl was to be bridesmaid, then she would have a wand like my nieces had a my wedding, and she had already seen the basis of the wand – a heart wand from Hobbycraft. 
So, off I toddled to Hobbycraft in Guiseley on Saturday afternoon, thinking it would only take me half an hour to get there, get what I wanted and get home.  Oh, how wrong I was . . .  I forget what a nightmare our local area is on a weekend, especially when the weather is as horrible as it was that weekend – it took me 20 minutes to do an otherwise 5 minute journey to get there.  Admittedly, I was in and out of Hobbycraft within the space of ten minutes (after my initial panic at not being able to find anything as they had rearranged).  However, getting out of Hobbycraft car park took me over half and hour and a full bag of mini eggs, which I had just bought in Hobbycraft for my snack that afternoon.  Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Worst still, I was parked right by the bleeding entrance so should have been able to get out straight away!  After waiting what seemed like forever in the smallest queue that was moving nowhere, I did consider the possibility of just having a nap, I was that bored, but decided against this.  Probably wouldn’t have looked very good? 
We finally started moving when the two cars in front of me (one of whom I had let out in an act of extreme generosity, or so I thought – she didn’t really give me much choice) started arguing.  Apparently, the car in front of me had hit the car in front of her.  I’ve not quite figured out how this happened as we were moving nowhere!  Anyway, the woman that had been ‘hit’ decided to get out of her car in the pouring, very cold, rain and start shouting at the woman driving the other car, who seemed to be refusing to get out of her car – wise move – hypothermia could have set in if you spent long enough in the rain – so the other woman just stood there shouting at her for a while.  All the time, I was just thinking ‘come on people, some of us want to get home and you are just holding this up’.  I would just point out that by this time, the gridlock in the car park had eased and traffic was at least moving, or rather, other traffic was – we weren’t. 
Anyway, eventually, she seemed to give up and go get back in her car.  Big sigh of relief from me, and the guy who was trying to get out of the little side road they were blocking I noticed.  But no, she got back out of her car with pen and paper and starting writing down details.  Seriously, I would have just left it – even if her car was hit at 0 miles an hour, what damage could have been done?  All that she achieved was raising the blood pressure and stress levels of the people stuck behind them, really just wanting to get home.
She finally got back in her car deciding that she had caused enough disruption for the day, and I was on my way home.  It took me five minutes from there.  I was unimpressed, as this had eaten into my spending some time with Phil while he was on his break – I only really see him for an hour on a Saturday, and that is only if I am at home when he gets his break.  Anyway, I was in such a bad mood when I got home I decided to leave the wand to be made up for another day . . .
Anyway, enough of my ranting, here is the finished product:

The wand already had the ivory beads and the stars.  I attached the pink crystals to the wirework and then added feathers and clear crystals around the bottom of the heart.  To finish, I added pink and silver ribbon to match the bride’s bouquet.
I hope she likes it.
Sorry for the rant.
Happy Crafting!

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