Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Papercrafter - Issue 60 (Issue 1)

Soooo, sorry this is so late, and sorry it didn't post this morning - my internet connection is having a paddy at the moment and works only when it feels like it.
So this is the new, revamped version of Let's Make Cards, now known a Papercrafter, which means that it has more than just cards in it, so is now more comparable to another magazine I get, Cardmaking & Papercraft.  It still comes with the cardmaking kit, which you always got with LMC, but you also get extra papers now.
I'm impressed with the extra projects, particularly the Paper Wreath.  It is not  something I would normally have up around the home, but they would be great for parties or adapted for Christmas, as would the giant rosettes in Colourful Celebration.
I have drawn inspiration from the scrapbook/journalling layout in Special Day Keepsake.  Maybe now that I have this I will make a start on my wedding album.  I really should get round to it - we've been married over three months now, but I am just so busy I haven't found the time to make a start on it yet.
Three Looks With Humble Newspaper has gorgeous paper lantern, which again would be a good project to try with the kids, although you do need a die cutter for the one in the magazine.  However, the design could be easily adapted for other shapes.
Craft School has a pretty heart garland - perfect for the upcoming wedding season or just to decorate the house or a room for a party.  Also, no messy glue is required for this.
I love the Music-Inspired cards, including an amazing Origami card.  These are just so elegant and I would say pretty, but they could be very easily adapted for a boy/man by a slight change of colour.
Other projects this issue include:
  • Windmills - a great project for the kids
  • Birdcages
  • Cake Toppers
  • Photobooth Disguises
  • Votive Lanterns
  • Birdhouses
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Gift Bags
  • Gift Boxes
  • and not forgetting of course, loads of cards

They still have the giveaways too, which this issue are:
  • a craft tote
  • Sharpie pen sets
  • digikits from DaisyTrail
  • ImagineDIY goody bags
  • Mandarin Card Craft sets
  • ribbons from Berisfords

I think I will hold off on judgement on this magazine for now.  Before it was changed to Papercrafter, I was considering cancelling my subscription, as originally I bought it for the kits to build my crafting stash.  I much prefer it now, but as I have already said, it is now very much like Cardmaking & Papercraft.  I think I will only want to continue buying one of these, as they are so similar, so now it is the battle between the two.  I'll let you know my decision.
Happy Crafting!

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