Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Time For A Shower

Soooo, today I want to share with you a project I actually finished before I went on holiday, but this is the first chance I have had to share it.

This is the shower cap I made following instructions from issue 45 of Sew Magazine:

I made this using some left over Thai silk (the rest went to make pyjamas for my nieces and I will be blogging about these on my Teapots and Tantrums blog, as I class it as dressmaking and therefore domestic goddessness).

I also used a cheapy shower curtain to provide the waterproof (which was actually a tip from the magazine) and some black bias binding.

I found this actually quite easy to make, if a little more time-consuming than I thought (I think altogether it took me three hours).  A lot of tacking is involved, and having now constructed it I can see why.  I missed it out when sewing on the elastic, and I really wish I hadn't now, as it ended up being quite difficult, and I ended up making the elastic a little bit too small for my head - it fits, but does pinch a bit.  Not to worry, I have enough fabric and binding to make another one, and I have  a big head anyway, so it should fit a normal-head-size person.

The only other problem I had was that I struggled to cut a decent circle, so the binding didn't manage to quite 'bind' everything,.  You can't really tell though (I don't think).

Anyway, I am thinking of adding this to the range in my Folksy shop, so I will be making some more up in other colours.  I'm sure the more I make the faster I will get and the better at cutting out circles.

Happy Crafting!


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