Sunday, 30 June 2013


Soooo, for one day only, I am having a sale in my Etsy shop.  Many items are half price.

I want to sell as much stock as possible to make room for some new projects in time for Christmas.

The finishes at 8pm tonight.

Happy Crafting!


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Make A Wish

Sooooo, tonight I would like to share with you a card I made using one of the new LOTV stamps:

This is made with one of the new sentiment stamps, from the 'Fabulous' set, which I couldn't resist, being so fabulous myself and all that.

The background is actually a square of fabric and I pulled some threads from the edges to give it a 'distressed' love.  I then added a doily.

The sentiment is stamped in brushed corduroy distress ink and die-cut into a circle.

The little cat motif is stamped in black versafine and then coloured with distress inks and watercolour pencils.  

I then finished with adding some little wooden stars and lots of buttons.

I am entering this into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Friday, 28 June 2013


Soooo, this is something I actually made ages ago, but never quite got around to blogging about.  In fact, now that I think about it, I actually made this back in February!!

This is a Christening gift I made for my oldest friend in the whole world's son.

I think, now that he is nearly a year old I have finally got over the fact that Kirsty has a baby.  I was very scared for a long time as it meant that maybe if my friends were starting to have children, it might mean that we had to grow up a bit.  A year on, and I've realised we don't have to grow up at all.  In fact, and I should have realised this from my nieces, it just means that we get to regress a little, as you can't be a grown up and take life seriously when you have a child to entertain.  As I've said, I think that maybe I should have realised this when my nieces were born, but my sister is older than me and it is scarier when it is someone your own age.

Anyway, as usual I have gone off point.

I found in a little independent shop a 'On Your Christening Day' sparkly heart-shaped hanging plaque, which in the shop looked silver.  However, when I got it home, I realised that it was in actual fact, pink!  That would be no good for Joseph, who is already a definite boy's boy. 

So, not wanting to look a complete fool and take it back to swap for a correctly coloured one, I decided I would examine it and see if I could make one myself, which I decided I could.

So, off I toddled to Hobbycraft to get some Fimo.  As always with me, I didn't get what I intended to.  Instead I got some Premo, because it was pre-sparkled, so I wouldn't have to get glitter everywhere (just for a change).  It seems to be pretty much the same thing, just sparklier, and a bit cheaper. 

I had intended to just make the one little heart and write 'On Your Christening Day' on it, as per the one I had bought.  But, me being me, I got a little carried away and made loads of hearts - enough for one for each letter of his name and one to say 'Christening' on it.

To decorate, I did consider handwriting the letters and message, but I always worry that my handwriting is a bit messy.  In fact, when I was a child, my mother declared that my handwriting was so messy I should be a doctor, because you can never read their handwriting either.  That didn't work out, and my handwriting did improve, but I still worry that it is illegible.

Anyway, to avoid this pitfall, I decided to see if the letters and sentiment could be stamped on, which I happy discovered they could, so I stamped each letter and a christening sentiment using broken china distress ink and some normal clear stamps.  I think I would have preferred the letters to be a bit darker, but that was the only blue ink I had at the time (and still do have for that matter - I must sort this out).

I then put a hole in the top of each and put them in the oven to bake.  Due to my dodgy oven, this took a bit longer than the instructions, but we got there in the end.

I then strung each heart onto its own little ribbon and then attached these to a longer, thicker ribbon so that it could be hung up.

I am going to make another of these and get some better pictures so that I can put them in my Etsy shop, as I am aware that this photo is a bit rubbish, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sewing Crazy

Soooo, recently, I have been so busy because I have gone a little sewing crazy.  I have been making all sorts - not just for me but for my friends too.  All my creations can be found on my sewing and baking blog, Teapots and Tantrums (not that I have been baking much recently - but more about that later).

For a quick rundown, I have made:

A Liquorice Allsorts dress for a 'Grease' themed hen-do for my friend, Carly, together with matching petticoat of course.  The petticoats are now available in my Etsy shop, which can be access by clicking the 'Shop' tab at the top or clicking here.

A Skull & Crossbones dress for someone who is no longer my friend (there is one hell of a rant on this posting - sorry).

A quick top for me.


A dress for my friend's little girl, which isn't finished yet so I haven't blogged about it.

I also have many more sewing projects in the pipeline, including, for the first time ever, some trousers (for me), a wiggle dress (for me), an evening gown (for my sister) and some wedding outfits for the nieces.

I shall keep you updated.

I'm also in the process of updating Teapots and Tantrums to include places to find free patterns and projects and some sewing tutorials.  I hope you will like it when I have finished.

You may have noticed that I have also been making some changes to this blog.  Do you like the new theme?  I was getting bored of the old one so needed a change.  Please also note the tabs for tutorials and for my shop.  I have some more changes in the pipeline for this one too to make is absolutely fabulous, just like me.

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sweet Sketch Wednesday - Bugaboo

Soooo, it's Wednesday again, which means that it is time for another sketch challenge over at Sweet Sketch Wednesday and this week we are once again sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps:

Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Bugaboo Stamps: As if raising five children in the frozen land of the North was not enough of a challenge, Jodie Mackrell decided to dip her cold little Canadian toes into the world of papercrafting by opening an online store full of her illustrations. That was two years ago. Today Bugaboo Stamps is one of the leading companies in digital images, and we're still growing! From seriously snarky to sugary sweet to sublimely soulful all the way over to the other side of the super sexy spectrum, you're bound to find all that you need and more to create your paper projects. Jodie works very hard to provide New Releases and Freebies every week!
If your taste runs to rubber (and you know who you are), you can find Bugaboo Stamps stamps at Totally Stampalicious. And finally, join the Bugaboo Stamps DT for weekly challenges at Catch the Bug.

And here is this week's sketch:

And my offering for the week:

It seems that my crafting mojo finally wants to stay about for a bit, even if it is just messing about rather than doing anything too constructive.  This card arose from a bit of messing about and trying out some new techniques, although they may not be considered 'real' techniques.  For example, I'm pretty sure that Liquid Pearls was never intended to be used to colour in an image, as I have done here.  The whole unicorn body is one big mass of liquid pearls, but I really like the effect.
For the whole of the colouring in of this image, I have not used what would be considered a 'proper' medium - the mane and tail are coloured in with glitter gel pens, only usually used for adding a little detail.  You can't tell too much from the pictures, but they are really glittery and sparkle so prettily.  The flowers are coloured in the same and the horn is coloured using a silver (non-glittery) gel pen.
I coloured my image and then die-cut with an oval die.  I then drew around the edge of the oval with a glittery silver gel pen - gel pens were really my favourite medium on the day I made this!
The papers are from a Dovercraft Princess Fairytale pack, which I love, but never really find much cause to use, so I loved that I could use them on this.  Again, I used a silver gel pen to draw around the semi circles, just to highlight them a little.
I used some sheer purple organza ribbon and some thinner silver glittery ribbon from my stash and to finish off I used some padded metallic stars and hearts that I came across when I was having a tidy up of my stash.  Isn't it amazing what you find when you just tidy up?!
Anyway, I hope you like it.  I am very glad I bought the Liquid Pearls and shall my using them for many projects in the future, and not just for the usual dabbing, but maybe for some more colouring-in too.
Happy Crafting!

How To: Sew A Flat Fell Seam

Soooo, I have been a busy bee recently and have much to share with you, but in my busyness I have not had time to blog about anything,.  So, while I get my creations down on paper for you, so to speak, here is a quick sewing tutorial.


Happy Crafting!


Monday, 24 June 2013

The Helmsley

Soooooo, I had a bit of a sewing day on Saturday just gone.  Not much for myself though - a dress for my friend's little girl and I fixed the zip on the dress I made for my friend Carly, after she broke it on the first wear!!!!!

Anyway, once I had done all that (and bruised my hand getting in a bad mood with the zip and smacking the wall in frustration), I decided to calm myself down by making myself a little top.

The pattern I used is a freebie from Colette Patterns and can be found here.

I used some fabric that Philip bought me when we last went to see my auntie and uncle in Helmsley, hence I have decided to call this top 'The Helmsley'.  It is a gorgeous silky cotton, perfect for summer.  I was originally going to make myself a maxi dress with it, but found this pattern and decided otherwise.  Plus, I'd realised that I could do with a few more casual/weekend tops, as all I seem to have is work clothes.  Is it strange that that is what I am comfier in?

Anyway, I had some white satin bias tape in my sewing box (can't remember what I bought it for), so thought that it would be perfect for this top.

The pattern was really easy to print out and put together (unlike some print out patterns I have used in the past).  The top is only two pieces of fabric, so really easy to cut out.

I was worried a bit about doing the pleat in the front, but it was actually really easy.  I've learned to keep my little travel iron on hand for pressing.

My main problem with it was all the fitting I had to do to make it fit my funny shape - but that is not the pattern's fault, that is my fault for being a funny shape.  The pattern only had one dart in either side on the bust.  My finished top has about twenty darts in it.  OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it felt like that when I made it.  There are two extra darts in the bottom to stop it looking like a tent (I had to cut an 18 to fit around my bust, but my waist and hips are more of a 14) and one extra in either side of the bust, as well as making the existing darts bigger.

I was also a bit worried about the bias binding bit.  I have used bias tape before (on my shower caps), but this needed to be neater and I wanted the edges where the tape meets to look neat.  Luckily, the instructions which come with the pattern are very clear and simple to follow to achieve a neat, professional finish to the 'meeting' of the bias tape.

Anyway, I wore it on Sunday and my big sister has decided she wants one, the step-mother seemed to like it, and the mother, as always, was just surprised that I had made anything, and sounds more and more like my grandmother every day - 'never thought it would be you sewing'.  Yeah well, neither did I!

I have some more Colette patterns that I might try.  I will keep you posted

Happy Crafting!


Butterfly Coaster

Soooo, as you can probably tell, I've had a bit of a butterfly theme going on recently, all due to my Grandmas's birthday, which was now nearly a month ago.

This is another present I made her:

This was a really simple present to make.

I simply cut a circle to the size of the coaster outer and stuck glittery gold 'Grandma' letters on.  I then found a butterfly from my stash and put this in the centre.  All I needed to do them was put the top back on the coaster outer to hold it all together.

The only problem I had was that I originally wanted to use a different butterfly - one with gems for the antennae, but I couldn't do this as whatever you put in needs to be as flat as possible.

I have a couple more coaster blanks, so will probably be making some other versions at some point in the future.

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mr & Mrs

Sooo, here is the other present I made for my friends, Mandy and Danny, who got married a few weeks ago.

I was hoping this was going to be a surprise for them both, but unfortunately, due to an accidental boo boo by the husband, Mandy saw it via Facebook a week or so before the wedding.

Never mind, I had made the, another present too, so they did get a surprise anyway.

Anyway, in a bored moment a couple of weeks ago, I came across a personalised wedding cushion on Not On The Highstreet with th surname  of the couple and year of the wedding, which I knew would be perfect for Mandy and Danny, as Mandy can be quite sentimental about these things and couldn't wait to get married and be Mrs Bowley.  However, the cushion in question was £30.  Now, Mandy and Danny are more than worth that to me, as they have been good friends pretty much from the moment we met, but I am totally and utterly brassic at the moment, and couldn't afford that.  So, I thought I would have a go at making one myself:

And how simple they are to make too.  All you need is a cushion, an inkjet printer and some transfer paper.  Oh, and an iron.

The only problem I really had is trying to get the letters to stick.  I'm thinking my iron may not have been hot enough, so I need a new one.  They did stick in the end though, it just took a while and a few attempts.  

I've put this in my Etsy Shop, and I can make them in many cushion colours.  I can also change the colour of the writing, but I am a huge fan of the ivory and black combination.

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sweet Sketch Wednesday - Digistamp Boutique

Soooo, it's Wednesday, which means that it is time for another challenge over at Sweet Sketch Wednesday, and this week we are sponsored by our regular sponsor:

All images/designs are created and copyright owned bySally-Ann Hancock. My work means the world to me - it allows my passion to draw and create, to fit with my family life too - often the inspiration for my designs. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy creating.

And here is this week's sketch:

I'm glad to say that my cardmaking mojo finally seems to be making a bit of a comeback.  I've taken about a week off sewing, and it seems to be helping.  I'm thinking I was just trying to do too much at once and something was bound to give.  It's like A-Level maths all over again!!!!!

Anyway, here is my offering for this week:

I made this using Winston Birthday, coloured with distress and memento inks.  

I love the backing paper I used on this card.  It is from a paper pack in my stash.  I was thinking of saving it and using it as a fireworks/bonfire night or new years paper, but I think it is perfect for this card/

The sentiment is from a pack I got with an old issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft, which I have recently rediscovered and putting to good use.  I was originally going to go with something about an old bird, or along t hose line, but then I found this sentiment and the balloon on it made me go down a bit of a different route.  It ties everything in with the image.  

The ribbon is from my stash, as are the three glittery pompoms.  I really struggled to find something to go in this top corner as my original choice of a sparkly party hat I had in my stash turned out to be too big, so cue about an hour of searching through my stash for something to go, and I came across these, which I had honestly forgotten I had.  I have a box full of them in various colours and sizes.  I really should have a proper clear out and organise.  I have my Pops and Uncle Pete (who is also my Godfather, so should look after me) on the task of finding me boxes to organise all my bits and bobs in, instead of having everything in random jars.  Between them, they will be able to find me something I am sure.

Anyway, everything was then stuck to a red blank.

I am also going to enter this card into the following challenges:

Glitter & Sparkle - 3 of something (I have three pom poms and three main colours - red white and blue)

Happy Crafting!


Candle Stamping

Sooooo, I actually posted about this a while ago, but have somehow managed to delete the post!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how (and when for that matter) I managed to do this and wondering why in the name of Our Lord Sandra blogger doesn't have a recycle bin, thereby making me write this all over again, and I can't remember what I wrote first time round.

Anyway, today, for the second time, I would like to share with you a present I made for my friends, Mandy and Danny, for their recent wedding:

How gorgeous is this candle?

I followed the instructions on the Lili Of The Valley tutorials page and used the 'I Do' stamp from LOTV.

I then decided to personalise it on the back using the same technique.  I stamped their names and the date of the wedding.  

I stuck  with a blue theme, as that was the theme for their wedding.

I then decorated the candle with ribbon, flat backed pearls (which took some sticking to a candle) and a sparkly blue butterfly, as butterflies was also a theme for the wedding.

I then wrapped it up in some white tulle with a blue ribbon and blue flower.  

I am really proud of myself with this project, and I really enjoyed making it.  I'm going to make some for other occasions I think, with probably some advent candles for the nieces in the pipeline

I've put the wedding version in my Etsy shop, so you can now order one, two, many or lots.  The pretty wrapping is included and I can make them to suit any colour theme.

Happy Crafting!



p.s. If you are wondering who Our Lord Sandra is, I highly recommend that you read a few of the Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging books by Louise Rennison.  Yes, they were not written for adults, but they are hilarious, and remember, Harry Potter wasn't written for adults either.  

Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 31

Sooooo, this issue has been published a week late.  I got an email from Simply Homemade telling me that this was due to a problem with the free gift, which this month is a stamp set and papers.  Anyway, it arrived through the door on Saturday and I think it should hit the shops today.

I'm already a bit unsure as to whether or not to cancel my subscription to Simply Homemade, and it being published late is not helping me decide to carry on.  Anyway, I still have another couple of issues to go on this subscription, so it is now down to the content of each issue between now and then.

So, let's see how this one faired . . .

As usual, the first project in the magazine has ideas for using your free gift, mostly cards.

I really really want to try the croissant recipe, but I am supposed to be being good, and it uses 500g of butter.  Maybe it is a recipe I should save for a special occasion, or when I've had a really bad week, as they take two whole days to make!

I'm interested in the projects in Fun With Felt.  They look interesting and a little bit different.  They involve (mostly) felt characters decorating everyday items, including some pirate book ends, a ballet dancer bag, a scarecrow plant decoration and a baker clock.  As usual, all the templates are printed in the magazine.

I liked the interview with Liz Goodwin of Lilibet's Buttons, who makes cute and gorgeous polymer clay buttons, including cupcakes, liquorice allsorts, Russian dolls, and many many more.  I think this is something I would like to have a go at.

I am going to have a go at the knitting bucket, which has room for needles, crochet hooks and lots of wool.  I have a few knitters in my life, so I am thinking of making some of these for Christmas presents.  I know it is six months away, but I am determined to be organised this year instead of running around like a fool the week before Christmas like I did last year.

Other projects this issue include:

  • how to make soaps, from scratch
  • wrapping papers and wrapping ideas
  • a crocheted clock
  • a nursery set, including teddy bear mobile, quilt and plaque
  • a picnic/summer set, including glass etching on glasses and jugs and summery candles, along with a summery tray to carry everything on and a plant pot
  • knitted bag
  • knitted clutch bag/purse and matching watch
  • paper piecing projects with Digistamp Boutique images
Giveaways this issue are:

  • Heritage Crafts Baby Sitting cross-stitch kits
  • Sisters Guild 1950s cushion
  • Rubbished Revamped craft booklets
  • Pony children's craft sets
  • Hemline sets
  • Made BY Dad books
  • tickets to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts shows
  • Creative Crafting World memberships
  • daylight StarMag LED lights
  • Dizzy Dots Family Keepsake plaques
  • Natural Empathy set
  • Gutermann Sewing and Tweezer sets
  • PFAFF sewing machine
I'm still not sure about whether to renew my subscription or not, as I am starting to feel that, other than a couple of projects, the magazine is now just repeating the same projects over and over again, with just a few tweaks here and there.  My reviews are becoming more of the 'other' list, rather than the projects I am really interested in.  There are, however, a couple of issues left to go with my subscription, so I will wait and see what they bring before making a final decision.

The next issue should be out on 11th July 2013 and comes with a pinwheel template, paper pack and brads.

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Ever After

Sooooo, another card to share with you today:

This one was an order from the step-mother (non-wicked) for her niece's wedding in a couple of weeks.

My brief was that she wanted their names on the card and that was it really.

I knew the theme was blue, so decided to use that as my basis.

As is usual with my cards, this doesn't look at all like my original idea, but never mind.

I started by printing their names in blue on to a square piece of card, small enough to fit on my blank.

I then heat embossed the swirly heart, which was a stamp I got free, I think, with Cardmaking & Papercraft a while ago.  I then used the sentiment stamp from the same set, and stamped that in silver to match the heart.

I then set about decorating:

I lightly coloured the heart and flower in the sentiment with a blue watercolour pencil, adding blue glitter over the top of the heart and centre of the flower.  

To the left-hand side of the card, I added some blue organza ribbon and three blue organza bows.

I then added a blue heart to the bottom right hand corner with some clear gems.  I also added clear gems to the top right hand corner.  

To finish, I added my new liquid pearls all over the card, then matted it onto some blue pearlised card and then the card blank.

I am entering this into the following challenges:

Cute Card Thursday - Once Upon A Time (I have chosen to go with the end of that story and their happily ever after)
Papercrafting Journey - Pearls and Swirls (I have both - pearls all over and a swirly heart)

Anyway, I've just come back from taking this card to the step-mother (and taking my Pops his father's day card and present of course) and managed to get another order for this card while I was there - from their neighbour.  So, I'd best get on with that.

Happy Crafting!


Father's Day

Sooooo, Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there.

Today I would like to quickly share with you the card I have made for my own Pops.  In fact, I have a made a few over the last couple of weeks, but this is the one that he is going to get when I go see him this afternoon (after the MotoGP has finished, because no-one interrupts MotoGP, either in my house or his, so that works out quite well).

I made this card using an image from the LOTV Vintage Boys sketch pad and inked the edges with brushed corduroy distress ink.

I have followed a sketch from Freshly Made Sketches.

The green spotty paper is from an old Cardmaking & Papercraft paper pack and the brown textured card is from my stash.  I've had it that long I have no idea where I actually got it from.

Finally, the sentiment is also from an old issue of C&P, and I brushed it over with brushed corduroy distress ink and matted it to some of the textured card.

I am entering this into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!



Friday, 14 June 2013

Review: Sew - Issue 49 (July 2013)

Soooo,  as it is Friday, you can rest assured that this is the last review of the week.  I promise that normal service will resume shortly.

Anyway, this issue comes with a free New Look dress pattern, with a few neckline options.  I already have enough fabric to make up a dress in this pattern, so I may make this dress up in that pretty fabric, or it may require some new fabric.  In fact, it id definitely going to require some new fabric, as I want to try every variation.

Little stitchers has some great ideas for getting the kids into sewing.  And perfect timing - the summer holidays will soon be upon us and we need to keep them entertained somehow.  There is a little elephant lucky charm for the beginners and an owl face mask for those a little more advanced.  This one would also be great for boys.  Finally, for the older kids, there are some rug mugs.  

I really want to (i.e. going to have to) make the fish-shaped oilcloth swimming bag.  I would have to make two though, because if I made it for one of the nieces, the other is sure to want one too.  It doesn't actually look that difficult to make.  I know oilcloth could be a daunting prospect for someone to sew, but take it from someone who uses it on a regular basis - it really is quite simple to use.  It's just a bit expensive, so the age old edict of measure twice, cut once, is never as important as when you are using oilcloth.  Now, I just need to go buy some oilcloth.

I also like the Cath Kidston gardening set, which is am amazing tote for storing all your gardening bits and bobs.  Now, I'm thinking some more manly colours and fabrics, rather than the floral Cath Kidston, and this would make a perfect present for my Gramps for his birthday.  I have until October,  but he is always the most difficult to buy for, so I started thinking about his present shortly after Christmas.    There is also a matching knee rest

Other projects include:
  • A little girl's nautical dress
  • A boy's checked shirt
  • Dressmaking SOS! has advice on making children's clothes
  • Business Bite has guidance on creating a successful business with children in mind
  • Cath Kidston party bags
  • A peacock bag from Corinne Bradd
  • A car playmat, with cars
  • A patchwork tea cosy
  • Patchwork fruit
  • Girl's wall storage
  • Embroidered nursery rhymes
  • A vintage ironing board cover
  • Farmyard kitchen set, including oven gloves, pot holder and string dispenser
  • An applique picture
  • A rocket cushion

There are a few tutorials in this issue, including:
  • How To Make Fabric Roses
  • How To Add An Elasticated Wasitband

Giveaways this issue include:
  • Amy Butler stationary set
  • V&A fabric bundle
  • Gem Master Hot Fix Embellishing Kit
  • Janome Memory Craft 350E

The next issue is out on 12th July, with a free maxi dress pattern.  I can't wait!

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Liquorice Allsorts

Soooo,  I have been very very busy making this amazing dress for my friend, Carly:

She is going to a Grease-themed hen night next month and wanted a 50's style dress, so I made one for her.  

We found this fabric and just had to use it.  You can't see too well on the picture above, but the fabric is amazing.  Here is a close up:

The pattern I used was the Bette dress, a freebie downloaded from the Sew website, which can be found here, although I'm not too sure if the older patterns get knocked off as new ones are put on, so as this is from last year, it might be worth downloading now.

The bodice is self-lined and has a scooping neck line.

There is an invisible zip in the back, although the patter only calls for a standard zip:

I was very impressed with myself as I actually got the invisible zip right on  this dress, as the photo above shows.

The skirt on this one is huuuuuuuge, created by lots of gathering, and therefore folds in the dress, which will all puff out when a petticoat is put underneath.  You can just about see the folds in the skirt in the picture below.

The patter actually calls for an inbuilt petticoat, but I prefer the idea of a separate one as I think it gives you more options.  You can use the petticoat for other outfits, and if it starts to annoy you (they can be scratch and knock things off tables as you walk past), you can choose to go sans petticoat and have a more relaxed looking dress.

Anyway, as the dress really needed a petticoat, I made my friend one of those too:

I made the petticoat using the same instructions as the one I made in Dreamboats and Petticoats.

I really love this, as has everyone whose seen it I think.  I think it is the fabric and I had been coveting the fabric for myself for a while.  I am happy to discover that they do a hot pink version, so I might have to go buy some of that for myself a dress as I was pretty gutted when my friend chose the black version, meaning I couldn't then make anything for myself from it.

Anyway, time for tea now . . . Hopefully I'll have something else to share with you soon.

Happy Crafting!


Review: Cardmaking & Papercraft - Issue 119 (July)

Sooooo, sorry that this seems to be turning into a review week  Apologies, but I have much to show you next week and the week after.

Anyway, today's review is the latest issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft, which I think should be in the shops now.  This issue comes with a sweet Holly Hobbie stamp set, and as always, the first project in this issue shows you how to use them to make some pretty cards and wrapping.

10 Ideas With Ribbons has some gorgeous cards, using ribbon as a basis.  My favourites are the deckchair in Hello Sunshine, the Beach Huts and the flop flops in Beach Bum.

Just Gorjuss has some amazing cards using stamps and kits from Gorjuss.  I love these images and really need to get my hands on some of their stamps.  This project shows you how to use both one of their kits and how to paper piece with one of their stamps.  

Quick makes has some gorgeous floral and butterfly-themed cards, along with a pretty sea-side inspired card.

Girlie & Gorgeous makes use of some of the new Penny Black stamps, and they really are girly and gorgeous.  I now want ALL of the stamps featured.  Again, some of these are paper-pieced and all are really pretty.

I like the pop-up cards Sharon Armstrong has created in Up, Up And Away, with a balloon and kite theme . These would be great for kids or adults alike, especially those that are still children at heart.  The Masterclass has step by step instructions.  In fact, if I find time at the weekend, I think I might have a go at one of these.  Maybe it will kick-start my cardmaking mojo again.  It has certainly been missing recently.

I also like some of the cards in In Full Bloom, which is the Chic & Thrifty project this week.  These all look pretty simple to make but are really effective.  My favourite has to be Birthday Wishes, which is just so pretty with pink and yellow simple flowers.  

II read with interest the feature on Kathering Gray, who not only makes cards for charity, but also chopped off her hair for the Little Princess Trust, who are a charity who make wigs for children who have lost their hair. I also did this a few months ago, chopping off the hair I had grown for my wedding.  I did have a photo of the hair I had cut off, but I seem to have lost it.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of a drastic hairstyle change to donate their cut off hair to a charity such as this.  

Other projects include:
  • Floral Symphony has some lovely punched flower cards
  • 5 Ideas For Garden Parties
  • 6 Ways With Watercolours
  • Sumer Brights has some paper lanterns, lit with electric tea lights
  • Leonie Pujol love Altered Jewellery
  • 1 Sketch 3 Ways features those cutie Forever Friends
  • Crafters Guide to Magic Moldable Foam Stamps
  • 3 Ideas For Top Teachers
  • 10 Minute Makes Are Thinking of You
  • Upcycle Your Cork Coasters

Giveaways this issue are:
  • Cricut Mini
  • All Sewn Up! goody bag from Sarah Hurley
  • House of Boxes from STORE
  • Summer Garden goodies from Pergamano
  • Fizzy Moon card pack (subscribers only)
  • Cupcake Boutique set (subscribers only)
  • Woodware stencils and inks

The next issue is out on 11th July and comes with a luxury paper pack.

Happy Crafting!

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