Monday, 7 April 2014

Bloomin' Lovely

Soooo, although Mother's day is not over a week gone, I thought I would share with you the presents I made for my mothers (yes, plural).

I got the idea for these presents from an issue with Homemaker, however I didn't realise how difficult teapots were to find.  I really liked the idea of vintage teapots, so started scouring the local charity shops.  In the two months I was looking, I managed to find two that I liked - I think I only managed to find four throughout the whole search, but the others were too flowery and I just didn't like them.

After about a month of looking, I came across a lovely blue and white teapot in my local St Gemma's hospice shop. I thought that it would be perfect for my step-mother (non-wicked) immediately bought it and then it spent another month sat on my kitchen table while I resumed the search.

It was from this teapot that I took my flower colour scheme.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to get blue flowers, so decided that white was the way to go.

I did try dyeing the flowers blue by leaving them overnight in food colouring, but was unsuccessful.  I maybe should have chosen thirstier flowers, such as carnations, but I am not a huge carnation fan, and instead went for flowers I like.  I ended up buying chrysanthemums (my fave because I don't have to do anything to keep them alive), roses (traditional) and tulips (because I could).  I would have thought that the tulips would have taken some colour, as they are (or I thought they were) quite a thirsty flower.  I also got some freesias for my mum's present, as they are her favourite flower - you don't get many in a bunch though, so I only had enough for the mother's arrangement.

The Saturday before Mother's day I was getting pretty desperate for my teapots and had one last shop at the charity shops.  St Gemma's came up trumps again for me with the little tiny teapot.  I thought this would be perfect for my fairy godmother's present.  My godmother is a tiny five foot minus one,  and lives in a gorgeous little cottage, so I thought that the little teapot was perfect.

I finally had to admit defeat on the vintage idea, and then discovered how difficult teapots are to get hold of in general after trying the supermarkets.  I managed to find a cream teapot in Morrisons, but as my flowers were white (and I had already bought them), I did not think cream was such a good idea.  I finally managed to find the bright yellow one in Asda.  I love yellow at the moment, as it is so spring like and I thought that it would go really well with the white flowers and the green fressia buds.  I have to say, I think it has.

Sourcing the teapots was the hard part.  Putting together the arrangements was relatively easy.  I did a flower arranging course with the big sister a few years ago and have not forgotten the skills, so I put them to use.  For the big teapots, I put some soaked oasis in the teapot and then arranged the flowers in the oasis, using the roses as the central flowers, the freesias/tulips as feature flowers and then filling in with the crysanthemums.

I used some of the leaves from the tulips to 'edge' the teapot which contained these, just to add a bit of extra colour, as it did look a bit stark.

The little teapot was even simpler still.  I took three each of the roses and the tulips, arranged them alternately and bobbed them in the teapot with some water.

I had one rose, one tulip and some chrysanthemums left over, along with some of the foliage from the freesias, so I popped these into two glasses, and they now have pride of place on my fireplace.  Although I left some of the blue water in, none of them have turned blue yet - experiment failure, but otherwise a successful project I think.

Happy Crafting!


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