Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Twice Sewn Dress

Soooo, today I would like to share with you the gorgeous dress I made for my baby sister , Gilly, (actual age - 26) recently.  This is her birthday present, which was back in March, but as she has been in Germany since then, there has been no rush to make it up, but I was that way out about three weeks ago (when I'm grumpy, I sew) so I decided to make a start on it.

My first job was to adjust Doris (the dress form) to Gilly's size.  This was OK, but I have had to inform Gilly that if she loses any more weight, she will have to buy me a new Doris, as she was set to the smallest she would go (Doris is a medium).

The fabric is an Etsy find, I think from South Korea (or south-east Asia at the very least).  It has a gorgeous light-weight denim feel and I do think it is possible to be in love with a fabric, then I am with this.  It is also available in pink, so I am thinking of treating myself.

The pattern is a Great British Sewing Bee first series book pattern.  In fact it is the same pattern I made to use my swing dress recently.  It just goes to show how using a different fabric and changing one element, such as the halterneck can really make a dress look different.

Anyway, the reason this dress is twice sewn is because I can't read/remember instructions very well and I sewed a larger seam allowance than the pattern allowed for (I should maybe have cut a bigger size but that is irrelevant).  However, I didn't realise I had done this until I had sewn it all, including inserting the zip, meaning it didn't fit Doris.  Well, it wouldn't be a Holly creation without at least one thing going wrong.

So, I had to unpick everything and start again, with a smaller seam allowance, so each seam has been sewn twice.

Gilly did not want a halterneck on her dress, but wanted straps instead.  I toyed with the ideas of making some straps from the same fabric, but then came across the tulle in my stash, which I thought would work perfectly and soften the overall effect a little, so I added tulle straps instead.  Also, these were so much easier than the halterneck.

I also had the idea of adding ruffled tulle to the hem, but Gilly decided she didn't like this so I took it off.  Even the hem has been sewn twice!

I really love this dress and I'm jealous that it is for Gilly and not me, but then again, maybe in my larger size it wouldn't look anywhere near as good.  Also, my sister is one of those that could make a bin bag look good, so I know she is going to look amazing in this.  She is wearing it for my cousin's wedding in four weeks' time, so I just know she is going to outshine us all.  

I am now on with making a dress for my other sister, again for the wedding, using a different pattern, which I will share with you when it is finished (hopefully this week).

Happy Crafting!


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