Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kimono Dressing Gown

Soooo, happy Mother's Day to all those UK mothers out there, including my three - actual mother, step-mother (non-wicked) and fairy godmother.

Today  I would like to share with you the present I made for actual mother:

Mother loves her dressing gowns and they all got ruined in the house fire last year, so I thought I would make her a summer one for Mother's day.

I used a pattern from an old issue of Sew Magazine, which can be found here with instructions.

I used some floral silky fabric (I think it's rayon, but not 100% sure) from Boyes which I had in my stash. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I liked it so much I just bought some when I saw it.  Glad I did as I haven't seen it since.  I think I might even have enough left to make myself a top (I hope).  It may be silky, but it was actually lovely to sew.

I also used some satin left over from the Elsa dresses for the borders and the tie.

The pattern pieces were very easy to cut out and the instructions for construction were easy to follow, with the french seams actually being much easier than I thought they would (you can just about make one out in the picture to the right).  I also got to use my new loop turner to turn through the tie loops, which I was very excited about and very impressed with how it worked.  It cut my loop turning time to about 10% of my previous struggles :-) 

I omitted the pockets as I tried to put in some concealed pockets using some from a pj pattern, but this went a bit awry and I decided I didn't have the energy to try again, so I just left them out altogether.  I think it was because when I was cutting them out, I failed to account for the french seam.  I suppose I could have left these off on the pockets, but when I was sewing I thought that to do that would look a bit funny in a kimono where every other seam was a french seam.

I did, however add in some inside ties, using some ribbon from my stash.  I also added a hanging look on the inside of the neckline,and I have just realised that I forgot to take a picture of that bit, however, it is pretty much the same as the tie loops, just a little bit longer.

My other issue with the construction was the border.  I decided to attach  in a similar way to the bias binding technique.  I decided to top stitch the front and catch the back at the same time, however, the back did not catch correctly all the way round.  There was no way I was unpicking satin (that would just make a mess), so I decided to hand stitch the bits that had gone astray.  I also hand stitched on the tie loops.

Anyway, I hope mother likes it.  I know that the inside border seams aren't perfect so will no doubt be subject to some constructive criticism.  Still, at least I am prepared for that . . .  All that matters is that I like it and I think that the Elsa blue goes well with the other fabric.

Happy Crafting!


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