Sunday, 7 June 2015

More Flamingoes . . .

Sooo, following on from last week's post, I had some of the beee-you-tiful flamingo fabric left.  I was going to make some shorts with it (if I had enough), but then I saw a in Sew Mag.  Something just told me that the flamingos needed to be a skirt, so a skirt they were going to be!

I got the magazine on the Thursday and on the Thursday night cut out the skirt.  No pattern was required, just a bit of measuring (you just need your waist measurement), as the skirt is basically made from three rectangles - one for the back of the skirt, one for the front and one for the waistband.

As I didn't have too much fabric left, I wasn't too fussy about pattern matching, but I did cut out some sneaky in-seam pockets to add in of my own drafting, as I love a good pocket and always try to add them when I remember, which is not actually that often.

The instructions were easy to follow and the construction simple - a spot of interfacing is required on the waistband and down the front (the piece is cut in half to form cheaty button plackets).  The skirt is sewn at he side seams and then gathered to fit into the waistband, then buttons and buttonholes are added down the side.

my button choice may have been limited
but I think they go quite well

The instructions did say to stitch in the ditch to finish attaching the waistband, but I hate doing that and it is never as neat as I would like, so I added some top stitching on the waistband close to the seam instead.

Top stitching was also required along the front edges of the skirt and I top stitched the hem in place.

I used some mother-of-pearl type buttons from my stash (the only ones I had enough of), using four as per the pattern instructions, but on my first wear of the skirt I decided more were needed, so I added another three.  

This dress was so easy to make I sewed it up on the Friday morning so I could wear it that day when I ventured off the Helmsley for the afternoon to see my auntie and uncle and the doggies.  All in all, the skirt took me about three hours.  I don't think I had to unpick and re-stitch anything but the gathering seemed to take forever!

And that is it. 

I love my skirt (and not just because I only used things from my stash so it cost nothing to make!).  I am probably going to make more.  As always, I will keep you updated!

Happy Crafting!


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