Sunday, 5 July 2015

News: Eliza M Vintage

Soooo, my poor little sewing machine (which, unusually for me, doesn't actually have a name - any suggestions?) has gone it for it's annual service, which is causing me great distress - what I am supposed to do in moments of boredom while I have no sewing machine?  Housework?  I think not baby puppy!  

This means that I don't have a project to share with you this week . . . . boooo!  hisssssss!  

BUT I do have some news for you . . .

I have been asked to blog for and review the patterns of Eliza M Vintage, and their sister company Simple Sew . . . how exciting is this?!?!?!?!?!?!

As you all know, I love the vintage style, so obvs I love the designs from Eliza M.  I'm just trying to pick my first pattern. which is a very difficult task, but I should have that with you soon.  Do I go for my usual dress pattern, or try something a little different, like trousers or one of the blouses/tops?  Oh, decisions decisions . . .

Anyway, I already love Simple Sew patterns.  They have been given away free with Love Sewing in recent months, so I do have a small collection, and I particularly love love love the Ruby Dress, incarnations of which can be found here and here.  I also have a couple of patterns in the stash just waiting for the right fabric to come along, but I am hopeful they will soon - I have ideas for these at least.

Both of these brands are patterns I am thinking of stocking in Haberdasherholic once I get that off the ground (I've had a fair few setbacks, but I'm trying to bounce back from them), so it is nice to at least be able to try these out first before I make a final decision.

Anyway, hopefully, normal service should resume next week (fingers crossed) and I should have a project or two for you.

Happy Crafting!


This is another Simple Sew Pattern but I never blogged about it - no idea why

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