Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Casper The Friendly Ghost

Sooo, a quick Halloween-y share today, but not costumes, just a simple outfit for the day.

This is the Pippa dress, which I actually made for Pippa this time.  When I saw this fabric in the Little Fabric Bazaar Sunday Specials I just knew a dress for Pippa was going to happen.  There is just less than a metre, but the pattern only calls for 0.75m, even less if I don't use facings, but line in satin.

Not much to say - construction was straight forward, and I lined the dress with purple satin.  I nearly had a paddy at this as I knew I had some purple satin in my stash, but I hadn't actually looked to see how much recently, but when I was placing a big satin order I omitted to purchase purple, as I thought I had enough in the stash.

Then it came to cutting out the satin . . . duh duh duuuuuuh . . . not as much satin as I thought . . . ooops.  Luckily with a bit of creating cutting I managed to get enough lining for this dress.  The saving grace is that the lining can be shorter than the shell of the dress, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it.  Construction from there was straight forward.  I have made a few of these after all - see here here here here and here (with more still to be blogged about).

After cutting out the dress I had some of the Casper fabric left, but not enough to make another dress (I had held onto this hope but it just wasn't to be.  I considered putting the remnant on eBay, but then decided that another Bertie hat should be made, for Bertie of course, so that brother and sister could have another matching outfit.  I used some of the leftover black gaberdine from my new work skirt and lined the hat with the Casper fabric for a bit of subtelty.

I had been planning that if I had enough fabric left to make a matching collar for Katy, their mum, and maybe something for their dad, Mark, as he always seems to be left out, so they could be a matching family (they usually all have matching halloween costumes).

I had plenty of fabric to make the collar if I used the left over satin for the under collar, and even attempted some pattern matching, which was mostly successful.  Unfortunately, after then, there wasn't enough to make anything else.  One day Mark, you will get something.

So, that is that really - all things I have made before, but I wanted to share because I love the fabric, and it is nearly Halloween.

I will have another Halloween make for you on Saturday.

Happy Crafting!


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