Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sophia The First

Soooo, sorry I have been a bit absent recently.  I have had many projects on the go, but not actually managed to finish any.  This has been for a variety of reasons - waiting for things to finish, unable to get my head round an instruction, projects finished but turning out far from expectations, general not being bothered.

I did this morning manage to finish what should have been a fairly simple top, but has still taken me nearly a month to finish, due to nearly all of the above reasons, and to be honest, I'm still not sure about it at all.

This is the Sophia Top.  The pattern came free with last month's issue of Love Sewing mag, with a skirt pattern aussi, and I fell in love with both straight away.  However, the reality did not been the expectations in my head.

I ordered some lovely jade taffeta from Whitetree Fabrics for the skirt and hunted the internet for some sequin fabric for the top.  I eventually found some from Guthrie & Ghani, and ordered some silver.

Anyway, I made the skirt first, which was a simple and straight forward make, but I just didn't like the finished product on me.  It was just all wrong for my shape I think.  I am wondering whether to make it again, but go up a size and see if it then falls better.  I think I would also need to move the front pleats so that they sit in a more flattering position on me.  Anyway, I gave the skirt to my step-mother, who it fits perfectly and looks lovely on, but I haven't managed to get any pics of it.  She is on her holidays at the end of this week and I think she is taking it with her so I will ask her to get some pics.

I then moved onto the top.  I decided that as I was using sequin fabric, I should underline with silver satin.  I cut the satin out first and used it as a toile to check fit.  Following the toile, I decided to add some length, lower the neckline, add some bust darts, make the sleeves shorter and add some waist darts, so basically, it is nothing like the Sophia top now.

Following the decision to do these alterations, I then cut out the sequin fabric, and got sequins ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  Hubby was not impressed - he'd just vaccuumed.  Two weeks later, we are still picking up sequins, and we have vacced since.

Once constructed, the pattern calls for facings, but I decided against this and instead used some sequin binding from my stash.  I think it is left over from the Elsa dresses I made last year.  Anyway, I had enough to bind the hem and neckline, but not enough for the armholes.  Luckily though, Boyes still had some, so one more metre was bought and I was able to finish off the top.

I'm still not 100% sure of it - I just don't think it is my style and it doesn't fit as nice as I would have like it to, but I am not feeling particularly patient at the moment.  I wonder if part of why I am unsure of it is because I don't now know what I would wear with it, and I don't have time to make another skirt before I go on my holiday in two weeks.  I still have another of these Burda dresses on Doris to finish and a McCalls 6696 cut out ready to sew for holiday, and had a total panic this morning about how I am going to find time to get them finished, write an assignment (for which I still have the reading to finish) and finish of the tablecloth and napkins set I am making for my friend, Pam.  Oh, and I have a craft fair on 3rd December at work so still have some more little Pippa dresses and Peter Pan collars to make for that . . .


I suppose all this means I had best get off my backside and get sewing . . . 

Happy Crafting!

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