Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kim Goes To Space (Invaders)

Sooo, a quick project to share with you today.

This wasn't quick because I rushed it . . . it was quick because it is another Kim dress, which I have now sewn 4 of (I think), so I could probably do it in my sleep.  The last version is here.  This particular version took me about 6 hours from start to finish, and that included re-tracing and fba-ing the bodice pattern as I have lost a little weight and gone down a pattern size on the waist.  The bazoomas, however, have remained, so that meant a bigger fba that previously required, which means even funnier-looking patterns.

But you don't need me to go into detail about FBAs and the pain of having large nunga-nungas - that is already well documented.  You just want to see pics of the dress don't you/

So here you go:

This was made using some cotton I got from The Shuttle in Shipley.  I always forget what a treasure trove that place is until I get there and realise I don't have a spare £500 to spend on fabric (one day Holly . . . one day . . .).  So on this particular trip I bought this awesome cotton, which immediately made me think of space invaders, so obviously I had to buy it, and at £6 a metre, quite the bargain.  It is lovely quality and has a super soft, slightly silky feel to it, as good quality cottons do.  I bought 3 metres, knowing that it was going to be a Kim.  There really was never any doubt.

Construction was pretty straight forward.  I lined the bodice with orange cotton, taking a colour from the print and going as bright as I could.  The skirt is a little less full as I cut it on-grain so it is a bit narrower than the pattern calls for, but it is just as full as I like them.  I did my best with the pattern matching on both the skirt and the princess seams, and there is really not much else to tell.  The invisible zipper went in almost perfect first time, although the colour of the zipper did cause some headaches.  I thought the fabric was a navy base, but when I put a navy zipper up against it, it was too light, so I tried a black one, thinking the fabric must be black . . . nope.  This is obviously a really really dark navy.  I mulled the zipper colour over for a while and then decided to go for a white one,. just because I could.  If I had had an orange one in the stash, then that would have been the obvious choice, but I only had 9inch orange zippers.

This dress has been made a few weeks now and has had a few outings, but the weather has been so hit and miss I gave up on trying to get photos of me in it, so I'm afraid you'll just have to make do with them on a hanger for now.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say on this dress.  I need to get on with some uni work now before I can allow myself any further sewing.  500 words and I think I'll allow myself an hours sewing.

Happy Crafting!



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