Saturday, 31 December 2016

You Can Never Have Too Many Unicorns in Your Wardrobe

Soooo, I have been quite absent recently from le blog, and for this I apologise.  Work and studying and general life just took over.  I haven't been sewing quite as much as I would like, and I haven't been sewing much for myself at all, but I did manage to make this fabulous dress a couple of months ago:

it looks loads better on that it does on the hanger
but I have been struggling to find decent daylight to get
some 'wearing' pics and the light in my house is less
than fantastic

This is my much loved Unicorn Dress, with pockets, and I wear it loads.  

There isn't really much to say about it, as it was a pretty simple make.

and the back
I attempted pattern
matching but didn't
put too much effort into it
This most Holly-style dress is made using the Simple Sew English Tea Dress, which I have had forever and have had many plans to make, but it took me a while.  I have a few lengths of fabric bought to make this dress, but it was the unicorns that finally made me do it.

Next time I think I will
add a small facing so they
are not so obvious
The fabric is from Riley Blake and I had to have it because UNICORNS (you should see the unicorn collection of presents I got for my birthday and Christmas last week) and I fully lined the dress with some polycotton from my stash.  I originally was going to do a hot pink lining, but I didn't have enough and couldn't be bothered to go buy any more so the turqouisey-blue it was.  

I also drafted some pockets from the lining fabric because POCKETS!  I love a dress with pockets.  Next time I will make my pockets bigger as I have to make my hands into fists to fit in the pockets, but we live and learn.

I did my usual FBA, but otherwise this is straight out of the packet and fits lovely.  I could maybe lower the waist a smidgen, but its not bothering me.  Construction was pretty straight forward too.  I glanced at the instructions, but I think I have made enough simple dresses now to not really need to.
Christmas day version - I love tartan

I loved this dress so much and the fit is so flattering that I used the pattern to make a Christmas version.  This time from red tartan.  I didn't quite have enough fabric for sleeves so my Christmas day dress is a sleeveless version.   

you can just about see my fab hearts
binding on this pic.  I used this for
the neckline, armholes and hem.
Now that I have the pattern altered for my fit it is a quick make.  I didn't line this, but finished the neckline and armsyces with some binding from my stash.  I also put a metal zip from my stash in this one.  Its not the neatest zip insertion, but I really do struggle with exposed zips and I don't mind as I love this dress so much.  In fact, everything from this dress is from my stash.  I am therefore considering that it cost me nothing to make.  

and the exposed metal zip at the back
I think it total this dress took me three evenings, so about 7-8 hours to make from cutting out to finishing.  There were a couple of nay sayers at work that doubted my ability to get this finished in time for Christmas day when I was cutting it out on the Tuesday before, but I showed them HA!  Never underestimate a determined dressmaker.  

Tartan matching was never going
to happen perfectly on this one with
the darts, but I don't think I did too
bad a job of it, and I found once
it was made and I was wearing it
that I didn't care.
So that's all I really have to say about this one.  I will no doubt be making more.  I think some simple light summer dresses are in order . . .

I have a few more bits to blog, mostly not for me, and I can't remember what order I made them in so they will be blogged out of order.

Now, I am on with panto costumes, so nothing I can share will be made for a couple of months, but fingers crossed I will be back sewing around March time (knitting continues when I get a seat to myself on the train), but I will be sharing some of my 2016 makes with you in the meantime.  My in laws bought me some lovely grey and pink tartan for my birthday so I can't wait to make something from that, and I really want to make a dent in my stash this year.

Happy Crafting!

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