Saturday, 21 January 2017

Shifting Flowers

Sooo, the sharing of 2016 makes continues (totally out of order).

This is the first thing I made myself after my weight loss slowed down (I think).

This is New Look 6261 View D.  It came free with one of the many sewing magazines I buy.

I was desperate for some work clothes that didn't just hang off me (I still need more) but I think I had been putting off sewing because I wasn't feeling the having to redo all the adjustments on my tried and true patterns.  So, a new pattern it was.  My work uniform generally consists of simple shift dresses, but I am not one for boring black so a cool print was needed.

This fabric is cotton from Leeds Market.  I had originally gone promising myself that I wouldn't buy any blue, as my wardrobe is full of blue.  So, what did I do - buy blue of course.  I did also buy some red of this pattern, but that is still languishing in my stash waiting for me to be brave and make something not blue.  It may be waiting some time.

beee-autiful invisible
zip insertion if I do say
so myself
I lined the dress in white cotton.  I did originally line it in satin from my stash, but the satin did not like the double ended darts and frayed terribly on the first way, so I ripped that out and started the lining again.

That was the only real issue with this dress.  Other than the standard FBA for me (many inches), the only other change I made was to add a kick pleat to the back as it was a simple vent in the pattern and I prefer kick pleats - no reason, I just do.  Other than that, I sewed up a straight size 16.

And that is all I have to say on it.  Simple dress, suits my shape, lovely comments from colleagues.  I plan to make more.  I may use the red fabric in my stash to make view B, although I do love a v-neck.

More 2016 makes coming up soon.

Happy Crafting!


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