Saturday, 28 January 2017

Vampire Skirt

Soooo, I am slowing getting there with the makes of 2016.  Only a few left to go.  I might have to start posting two a week, rather than the one.  

Let's proceed with the sharing with this fab skirt I made for the eldest niece for halloween.  

I love this skirt and wish I had made it for myself (obvs about ten sizes bigger as she is a skinny wretch).  I love the bow at the front and the pleat detailing at the back is lovely.

As a bit of a goth, I knew that she would want black no matter what she asked for, but when we were discussing her costume (vampire) she did say that she would venture to a dark shade of another colour.  I saw this Cynthia Rowley pattern on instagram I think and sent it to the niece to see if she approved for her vampire skirt.  She did, so I set about making it for her.

beautiful bow - I wasn't supposed to
sew the top of the bow into the
waistband, but I think it looks
better on this particular version of
the skirt as the fabric is quite
Other than buying the new pattern, everything else in this skirt is from my stash, and I'm sure I will get use out of the pattern, so that should be money well spent I think.  I think Cynthia Rowley patterns are the perfect style for the eldest niece.  I have another trouser pattern for her that I plan to make up at some point.  Maybe when she's 18 the rate I get on with my plans (she's currently 11)

pretty pleats to the back and you can
see my brilliant zip insertion :-)
The wine-coloured under layer is a bit of taffeta I had left over from panto last year, and the lace, which is spider-web patterned, is some I bought to make capes for the nieces a couple of halloweens ago,  but which was never needed.

I quite enjoyed making this skirt, even if the cutting out stage did result in me knocking my phone off the table and smashing the screen to smithereens, resulting in an emergency trip for a new mobile.
how fab is this spider web lace??

I think I enjoyed it most because no seams needed finishing due to the non-fraying nature of the taffeta - I don't think I even hemmed it.  I do love a non-fraying fabric :-)

I effectively made two skirts - a tafetta one and a lace one.  For the bow and waistband, I basted the two layers together before sewing.  How the bow was formed did confuse me a little, but following the instructions carefully made it all clear and I had no trouble. 

It took me about one and a half hours to cut everything out and an afternoon to sew it up, so not too bad all in all.  The niece seemed to love it.  I think I will make her another, everyday one, in simple black, now, I just need to choose which shade of black she would prefer . . . .

Happy Crafting!


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