Saturday, 11 February 2017

Halloween Hack

Soooo, as easy as the eldest niece's Halloween costume was, as I could basically do as I wished, the youngest niece's request was a lot more exact . . . 

When she said she wanted to be a ghost, I thought aha!  I can do this!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  I'll just cut two eye holes in a sheet and voila, we will have a ghost.

Oh, how naive I was . . .

One must remember that one's youngest niece, although generally quiet, is very exacting when she wants something.  In this case, it was a white lace one shoulder ghost dress.

clever auntie remembered to
attach some ribbon for hanging up

OooooooooooKay I said, as I couldn't really convince her on the sheet idea, and set about looking for a kids one shoulder dress pattern that would fit her.  She generally wears an age 12-13 and it is really very extremely difficult to find dresses in this age range, or a one-shoulder one anyway.  

I hunted for weeks.  In the end, I decided to go with an adult pattern and do an SBA.  I still struggled to find a pattern!!!  In the end, I decided to hack New Look 6262 which I had in my stash.  It already had a v-neck, so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to just cut one shoulder off and have a one shoulder dress.  To do this, I traced the pattern piece in  the correct size and then flipped it over and traced again so that I had one complete bodice piece that would not need cutting on the fold as the original pattern had.  I then drew a line from the neck side of the shoulder seam to the top of the armscye on the other side of the bodice.  I did this for the front and back bodice pieces.

I used some pleated white lace I got on sale from White Tree Fabrics, and I underlined this with white polycotton from my stash.  I then treated as one layer.

Rather than add any shaping in the form of darts to the dress, I made an elastic channel at the waist seam by turning the seam up and stitching and inserted some elastic.  This gave the shape I was looking for.  I also inserted an invisible zip in one side seam, just in case the elastic didn't provide enough give to get it on and off.

As I had underlined the fabric, I didn't want to add a further lining or draft a facing, so instead I used some white satin bias  binding along the next line and armholes to hide the raw edges.

And that was my white lace one shouldered ghost dress finished.

The only alteration I had to make after trying on was to take it up a bit at the shoulder, which I did by hand while Evie had it on.  I figures that way it would be easy to take back down should she wish to wear it in future years.

She seemed to like it at least.

I'm now dreading next Halloween's order...

Happy Crafting!


the weido decided to
add horns for some reason . . . .
She also had a broken foot at this
 point, the boot is evident here

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