Sunday, 5 March 2017


Soooo, Addingham panto is over for another year.

This year's production was Aladdin.

I didn't manage to get photos of all the costumes, or even all the costumes I made, but here are some:

These are the policemen's uniforms I made for Ping and Pong (and an extra character we added - Balls).  These are made from blue satin with chef white checks.  The top is a kimono pattern and the bottoms and just 3/4 length pyjama bottoms.  I am have been told that these were the comfiest costumes Maz and Emma (Ping and Pong) have ever had! And here they are with added 'tache:

I also made their finale costumes from purple satin and gold sequin fabric: 

Next up is the beautiful So-Shi, seen here with her father, The Emperor:

I will admit, I bought her chinese-style dress.  Simply because it worked out much cheaper and by Christmas, despite supposedly having help this year, I knew that I was pretty much on my own (again) and there is no way I can make at least three costumes for 25 kids plus over 10 principals, so costumes had to be bought in, or hired.

Anyway, I did make her a costume for Act 2 and her finale:

This is a McCalls gypsy top make from sparkly sequin fabric, which was paired with some harem pants made from red satin, which I forgot to get a photo of. 

So-Shi also had some 'assistants', i.e. the older chorus girls, who also had tops like these, but made from plain satin, rather than sparkles.  

And for So-Shi's finale was this fabulous kimono, made from a Simplicity pattern:

From the very off, I knew that something similar to this would be So-Shi's final costume.  This is made from some upholstery fabric I actually bought for last year's panto and never used, lined with lilcac satin and an obi of lilac sequins.  You will have to take my word for it that it looks fabulous on - the sleeves are amazing, but I never did get a photo of Michelle in it.

Going back to the emperor above.  I did buy his costume off ebay, because I saw it and thought it was fab.u.lous.  I had to make some small changes to make it fit properly and then I used that costume as a template to make his finale, which was made from some brocade and gold satin, all purchased from ebay:

And last, but not least is Wishee Washee.  This was a very quick last minute make (we were let down at the last minute by the person who was supposed to be doing this costume).

This was made with some fabulous panda poly-cotton sourced by the lovely Sarah Griffin (who I can never thank enough for her support) and sewn in an afternoon while I sat at rehearsals with my sewing machine set up in the foyer of the mem hall.  Same idea as Ping and Pong and I hope it was as comfy.

Here she is with Widow Twanky (whose costumes we hired in the end):

Sorry for the picture heavy post.

Until next year . . .  where I will not be doing all the costumes, as I am taking a break to concentrate on my Legal Exec exams . . . .

Happy Costuming!


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